**final sale** Watercolor Triangles Gloss 651 Vinyl Pack

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Watercolor Triangles Vinyl Pack

We love watercolors!

You get 3 sheets featuring a fun triangle design with the purchase of this pack:

  • 3 Sheets each size: 12"x12"
  • Permanent Adhesive
  • Perfect for Glass, Car Decals, Spikers, Tumblers, & more!

Features a permanent self adhesive making it perfect for spikers, glass, tumblers, & more! Not recommended for walls.

TIP: If you would like to laminate to protect, we recommend using our Gloss 651 Clear Vinyl. We recommend this if you are putting this vinyl on items that will be handled regularly.

Sunscreen Note: There are mild/medium oils and solvents in sunscreen and the inks used to print these vinyls are solvent based. Add the beating UV rays to the mix and: Heat+Oil+Solvents+Ink=Not good. We recommend that if you are going to use these patterns on anything that will come in to contact with unknown chemicals, you should put a water based sealant over them or laminate wiht our Gloss 651 Clear Vinyl.

[sheets sizes may vary from + or - half of an inch]